I started Marcus Studio in 1992, in a 100 year-old wooden carriage house in Pittsburgh, PA. 

My formal education is in the Fine Arts, having graduated Oberlin College in 1978 with a BFA degree in Painting and Printmaking. Since then, Iʼve worked professionally as a painter, graphic artist, offset printer, silk screener, and software engineer, before diving into furniture design and construction. The common thread that weaves all of these jobs together for me is a passion for “design and composition” which begins with a blank piece of paper and extends through the execution of a given piece.

Even my painting background has found a way to seep into the furniture, which often balances material contrasts between the organic earth-tones of the wood and “inorganic” materials such as frosted or painted glass, colored lacquers, or laminated acrylic sheets with embedded textures. This is where the fun begins for me.






A Fusion of Styles

To describe any artistic “style” is to define itʼs “vocabulary”, the rules of engagement. In my furniture work, it is still relatively easy to spot the ancestry of many “straight-line” styles that I admire for their simplicity and timeless beauty, including “Arts and Crafts”, Shaker, Danish, Scandanavian. From those rudimentary beginnings, my work has evolved by introducing details derived from Japanese, French Noveau, as well as contemporary American and Italian pieces. Through these various influences, I have begun to create my own vocabulary that is a fusion of many styles, and which expresses my own design sensibilities in a very clear and articulate way.








My Workshop

In 2021,  I relocated my studio to the Southside of Pittsburgh,  now located at 1931 Sidney St, Pittsburgh 15203..  The new space is approximately 5600 square feet and will house a woodworking studio as well as an art studio.   Who knows what will come out of all of that !   I no longer accept custom orders for woodwork,  however,  I do plan on building some of my favorite pieces,  putting some of my doodles onto canvas,  maybe even delving into some sculpture and mixed media and offering those pieces for sale.   Please stay tuned !